Why Klak?

Warum Klak?

You want protection You want design? You want functionality? Then you need Klak!

We racked our brains for a long time about what the perfect case looks like and what it should be able to do. We wanted to develop a case that can do what others can't: actively protect your smartphone. The result of our years of development is Klak! A case that automatically and quickly protects your smartphone and especially your display. 

How it works? With the simplest physics. If you're using your smartphone and you drop it, our lid closes in a split second. This means that your cell phone is closed on all sides before it hits it (e.g. on stones or tiles) and the case can protect your smartphone perfectly against the first hard impact.


These are our three main features:


Our innovative locking mechanism is at the heart of every Klak. With Klak you get lightning-fast all-round protection in the event of a fall. And when we say lightning fast, we mean it: As soon as you give in to our automatic locking mechanism, Klak closes and protects your smartphone all around.


Klak is perfectly adapted to the shape of your smartphone and, despite the cover, is only slightly thicker than ordinary protective cases. Thanks to the pleasant soft-touch surface, Klak fits perfectly in the hand and slides effortlessly into trouser or handbags. 


We can reassure you: Our mechanism doesn't interfere with phone calls, chatting, listening to music or taking selfies. With Klak, you can use your smartphone as usual without making any compromises. On the contrary: after just a few days you will learn to love our intuitive locking mechanism!


And we are the brains behind Klak:

It's easy to tell how we - Tim and Andreas - came up with the ingenious idea of a self-protecting cover: Our own displays have broken several times in the last few years in the event of a fall. We quickly found out: the display is the part of every smartphone that deserves the most protection. Of course, scratches on the case are no reason to be happy either, but compared to a destroyed display and the inseparably associated stupid sayings from family and friends (keyword: spider app), an evil that you can live with. So we started looking for a case that would give our smartphone all-round protection.

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