About us

Klak is our answer to cracked displays, scratched cases and protective foils that cause air bubbles. Six years have passed from the initial idea to the finished product - with many ups and downs. Here we tell you our story.

The founders of Klak smartphone case hold your case high

The founders: Andreas Berres (left) : A creative perfectionist with foresight / Tim Boldorf (right) : Knows a creative perfectionist with foresight

Our vision: protection, design, function. A case that does it all and the last one you buy!

It's easy to tell how we - Tim and Andreas - came up with the ingenious idea of ​​a self-protecting cover: Our own displays have broken several times in the past few years in the event of a fall. We quickly found out that the display is the part of every smartphone that deserves the most protection. Of course, scratches on the housing are no reason to be happy either, but compared to a destroyed display and the associated comments from family and friends (keyword: spider app) it is an evil that you can live with. But what about the cracked displays? Repairs are either expensive if you replace them with original parts, or cheap if you use cheap no-name products. In addition, it sometimes takes forever if, in the worst case, the smartphone has to be sent in.

So we started looking for a case that would give our smartphone all-round protection. At first we didn't even think about folding cases. The variant that seemed best to us was a normal case with a screen protector. But we quickly noticed that such a variant only provides limited protection, since the display is still exposed and the quality and feel of the display suffers. In the end we decided on a flip case. And what happened? Our displays broke faster than we could see. But why? Isn't the lid supposed to protect the display? think! We quickly understood that the lid only protects the display when you are not using your smartphone at all. But as soon as you make a call, take photos, listen to music, chat, ... what then? You fold the cover to the side and you're done with protection - the display is exposed again and is unprotected.

At that moment, we had an idea that was as simple as it was ingenious: why doesn't the cover spring back onto the display as soon as the smartphone falls down? With this automatic protection mechanism, the smartphone and especially the display would be protected from all sides. Brilliant!

The first prototype was quickly put together: two small wooden boards, a spring - it worked! The construction could be opened completely and when released it snapped shut again. And even better: the first prototype also gave the cover its name. clack! Why clack? That's what it sounded like when the two wooden boards hit each other - it made a clack! We knew straight away: that must be the name! In all the euphoria we had gained, we mentally saw our cases lying around in all the shops just a few weeks later - we would never have believed at the time that the development would take another six years. So, with the help of some friends and some money, we started to design prototypes ourselves and have them 3D printed. The result was often sobering: long waiting times, a rocky road that we walked until a prototype worked properly. But after about 20 prototypes we cracked the code - the prototype looked good and worked as intended. We quickly built a website and set out to find producers. And the next blow came quickly: immensely high tool costs and high assembly costs should put a spanner in the works for us again. We had to come up with something.

The early days: A lot of tinkering was needed to complete Klak.

Inventors become founders

A start-up event was held in our hometown, the beautiful Roman city of Trier on the Moselle. We applied by email to present our product - maybe we could win a prize? And that's how it actually happened: Klak was awarded the Originality Prize 2019. Our Klak was well received and the evening was to have another surprise in store: We got to know our current investor, who made it possible to raise Klak professionally.

Strengthened by the enthusiasm of the people at the event and a few weeks later by an unexpected financial injection, we were finally able to get professionals on board. Redesign of the cover, development of the brand, organization of mass products - a lot has changed in a short time.

And today? Klak is finally done! And we're mighty proud. We have created a case that delivers what it promises: protection, design, functionality. And if you've read this far, we're happy that you, too, are passionate about Klak and are satisfied customers!

Your Klak team,

Andrew & Tim