How to remove your smartphone from the case

Wie du dein Smartphone aus der Hülle entfernst

Even if your smartphone looks even better with Klak than without, sometimes even the best case has to come off. For example if you got a new Klak in a different color or you want to clean your case. And most of the time, a case is easier to put on than it is to remove. And that's also the case with Klak, because: We designed Klak to fit your smartphone so that our case adapts perfectly to the shape of the phone and is therefore super tight to offer extra protection. Here we show you how to remove your Klak without damaging your smartphone. It's best to work your way corner by corner.

Step 1

Push the first corner of the smartphone out of the case through the camera cut-out. Be extra careful not to damage the camera. You can also use a soft cloth instead of just your finger. We recommend removing the cover over a table, preferably with a pad such as a towel. This way you avoid unnecessary damage if your smartphone falls without a case. Pushing out the corners can be difficult - our Klak is stuck!

step 2

After you have pushed out the first corner, bend Klak slightly backwards to also release the second corner. You can do this by sticking your finger in the space between the case and the phone and sending it over to the other corner.

step 3

When the two upper corners are loosened, you can push your smartphone further out of the case by using the camera cut-out again to help. 

step 4

Once you can grasp the sides of your phone, you can hold it and pull the case down or pry your phone out.

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