How to clean your Klak

Wie du deine Klak reinigst
We have known this not only since the last pandemic: Hygiene is extremely important. Smartphones - especially the screen - but also the ports and accessories, such as cases that you use, can get quite dirty and become a haven for bacteria. Here we show you the best way to clean your Klak and your phone.

Attention. Klak is made of many different materials: plastic, textile, rubber, magnets, microfiber, etc.. All these materials react differently to cleaning agents. We recommend not to use strong chemical detergent to avoid damaging your Klak. It's like washing your hands: soap does the job perfectly!

What you need:

A bowl of warm water
A cloth for the surfaces, e.g. microfiber
Cotton swab or similar, for the connections

Let's go!

Step 1

Turn off your phone and remove it from the case.

Need help with this? Read here for the easiest way to remove Klak: xxx

Step 2

Mix the warm water with some soap.

As a reminder, please do not use aggressive chemical cleaners!

Step 3

Grab a microfiber cloth, or similar cloth, and wet it with your water-soap mix. We recommend not using a paper towel which can rub off and possibly clog your smartphone's ports or dirty the case.

Step 4

Use the damp cloth (damp, not dripping wet!) to clean the front and back of your phone, as well as the edges, buttons and camera. Be careful not to get large amounts of liquid into the ports (e.g. the one for charging).

To clean the ports better, you can use a cotton swab. However, make sure that the cotton swab does not come off and get stuck in the connector.

Step 5

Clean your new favorite, your Klak! Just wipe the surfaces and don't forget to scrub under the rubber band as well (be extra careful here, the rubber band is the heart of every Klak). If you twist the cloth to a point, you can get into the corners and gaps especially well - or you can use a cotton swab.

Step 6

Wipe your smartphone and Klak dry and put it back into the case!

Done! Now you have a perfectly clean smartphone including fresh Klak!

Please clean your smartphone and Klak only carefully with soap and water. Do not use aggressive cleaners. Avoid that water gets into the connectors and do not put your smartphone in water. Do not use strong compressed air to clean the ports. Be especially careful with sensitive components like fingerprint sensors or cameras, if installed.

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