5 Reasons to by Klak

5 Gründe, Klak zu kaufen

We reinvented the flip case. Self-protecting, chic design, simple operation. Klak is the treasure chest for your smartphone. If you are looking for more than an ordinary case, you have come to the right place. 

Klak is a special cover: thanks to our patented self-closing mechanism, Klak actively protects itself in the event of a fall, almost as quickly as the blink of an eye. 

We have listed our top 5 reasons for you that make Klak so special and why you should definitely switch to Klak. 

1. Intuitive operation

Our mechanism​ is strong enough to protect your smartphone in any situation, yet smooth to use even with one hand. As soon as you figure out the trick, you won't want to do without our mechanism anymore and you know how to constantly use it to your advantage.

2. 360° screen protection - lightning fast

Thanks to the woven elastic band, our case closes automatically when it falls - all-round protection, in a fraction of a second. This is exactly what makes Klak so special. It is precisely this mechanism that ensures that your smartphone is protected all around before the impact and absorbs the first impact perfectly. 

3. Hard shell, soft core

Klak not only offers extra protection for your display, but also protects your smartphone in the event of a fall. To ensure this, only the best and safest materials are used for every Klak. Softer edges ensure that your smartphone in Klak is particularly easy to insert and remove, but still fits tightly enough not to fall out. A hard plastic body also protects against hard impacts.

4. Slim design, comfortable feeling.

Klak is only a little larger than normal protective covers and is particularly comfortable to hold thanks to our soft-touch surface. A real hand flatterer! In addition, our rubber band offers an interesting haptic contrast to the rest of the case. Our Klak catches the eye!


5. Full control

Klak is specially designed so that all buttons are easy to use. Almost like you're not using a case. We have attached particular importance to this: No restrictions on use! On the contrary, thanks to our innovative mechanism, Klak is even more intuitive to use than many other flip cases.

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